2002 Lincoln Continental Concept

You can take out on the Lincoln of the Lincoln and mua the Continental complete with the past before 2002, based on a platform of Ford Taurus and same as a same as a pockets of a pudding microwave cake. A job of status.

Tại triển lãm ô tô Los Angeles, in which is a previous view of ‘next’ Continental good and make it to return it to the first trade shop. Phong cách have been captured from the first of the 1960 of the beautiful xe đẹp, the original of the 1960, in the engine engine V12 concept again the Continental first năm 1939.

With 5,5 m length, Continental Concept nổi bật specific windows, cylinder, but added to a song ca khúc with the sidebar, and the content with the family type and da thật, pha trộn các biểu tượng mang tính biểu tượng mang dấu ấn với sự kiện năm 2002 đã được trao tặng.

Continental not only for Cadillac, it’s may be set Mercedes-Benz, BMW và even Rolls-Royce.

Một cái gì đó đã đi sai lầm khủng khiếp tại Ford HQ mặc dù, và ít hơn hai tuần sau đó, tại Detroit motor show, công ty xác nhận dự án đã được unceremoniously giết.

Continental Name is already exists, but not for the year 2017. Some again, takes a income of the details of the computer details, in the basic format of cylinder and lanh hân hạnh được tặng từ Ford Fusion / Mondeo.

CPU GMC Granite 2010

Sự khao khát của General Motors với việc giảm kích thước ảnh không chỉ ảnh hưởng đến Cadillac, với bộ phận bán xe tải hạng “Professional Grade” của GMC, GMC, also be moved when moving switch.

The crossover The past of the Butterfly of the current, in the Detroit in the last year of the year, has been received a serious point and starting to a small truck or CPU. Bottom little little baby, background GM Gamma II mang lại cho CPU Granite nhiều điểm chung với những chiếc xe như Holden Barina và Trax.

GM accate the CPU only is a next file, but as a referenced of the concept of the Granite Committee, the bound of bandwidth is only in a first compact pattern that can be provided.

A motor turbo 1.4 lít, making light, sub access port and a small node protecting handups are animate available. Better better, outside the merge of a new brand with a dấu GMC signifier for a explain of the way of a different child could be look.

Ford Faction 2003

Ford for the user for the North America is a European style expined in a small package when it is referenced Faction to the year 2003, the original about the one SUV size to the city for the user quen with the following one car requests source zip code.

There was an existing connection connection with Fiesta at the current, but the simple style of the Faction’s style, the training gear wheel but the strong force, and facia get sensiration from making a different time keep up the day today.

To the current time that SUV is not been currently a strange unrecognized, the party can be able to change to the current files, even around camera around, wide monitor screen and the gear option is reo. Most as no seen in the vehicle output năm 2003.

A engine 127kW / 196Nm 2.0 lít engine focus from Focus ST170 could not be able to the music box of the standard standard, but will enough to provide a rung động of the phấn khích when required.

Neat as the same window does not be used the two space, a port after the power separator to be easily to be easily load, and hand handle to make out of the names of the users limit.